Quick service restaurant
Accelerate speed of service with AB POS QR

Use in cafes, fast-food restaurants, concessions, food trucks and just about anywhere or even some places with quick table turnovers such as diners.

Improve Service

Improve efficiency with a POS that's quick enough to keep up with your fast casual restaurant.

  • Take more orders faster: Take the Handheld Tablet out into the line to move it faster than ever or easily add more registers without increasing your front-of-house labor cost with AB POS.
  • Streamline Payment: Cash out customers quickly with AB POS predictive quick cash buttons that predict likely tender amounts or take ApplePay, AndroidPay, and chip cards with just a tap.
  • Reduce Ordering Errors: Reduce errors by using quick voids that’s sent automatically to the kitchen and pair the POS with AB POS Customer Display to prevent patron order errors as well.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Drive repeat business by rewarding loyal customers, tracking orders, account balances and more.


Run Your Business Better!

Fast table management allows servers to spend less time at the POS and more with customers.

Pricing and Discounts

Easily manage established price points and discount programs across products and locations.

Taxes and Tax Reporting

Setup, track, manage taxes for accounting procedures and how they appear at the point of sale.

Employee Management

Track, manage time, attendance, understand staffing needs and gain efficiencies.

Inform Business Decisions

We designed AB POS to help you make better business decisions with the right data, wherever and whenever.

Rich Analytics

Understand your business. Get detailed reports on sales and transaction trends.

Anywhere and Anytime

View enhanced sales, financial, employee, operational reports and much more all via the cloud on any web browser enabled devices.

Simple & Powerful

Know when to bring on more staff, run promos and which items are making you the most money with AB POS suite of restaurant success reports.

Let the system do the number crunching

Automatically send out reports on a schedule to your team and extend your restaurant data to your accounting system without any of the manual heavy lifting.

Staff Management & Scheduling

Whether in the front or the back of house, your staff determines the experience of your customers.

Track Activity

View clock-ins, clock-outs, and staff activity with the staff punchclock.

Manage Employees

Maintain payroll details and personalize accounts with employee specific settings.

Communicate Easily

Empower front and back of house communication with simple integrated in-app messaging.

Prevent Theft

Reduce theft and losses with comprehensive security controls and adjustable settings.


Calorie labeling can be very helpful when it comes to making a healthy meal choice.

  • Calorie Intake: Knowing how many calories you are consuming may be important to some customers. Calorie labeling can be very helpful when it comes to making a healthy meal choice. Having this important information on your POS or Tablet would be a great option to take advantage of.
  • Digital Ingrediente Book: Keeping all your meal ingredients stored in your POS system is an easy and effective way of displaying and providing menu information to your staff and customers.

  • Food Allergens: Having the ability to inform your customers of food allergens within your menu items is very helpful. Especially when it comes to customers that suffer with food allergies. AB POS keeps your staff informed and your customers safe.
  • Item Description: This feature allows you to enhance descriptions and display mouthwatering pictures of your menu items.